I am an angel of protection. I am a powerful protector. I help people get out of a dire situation that involves a harmful or life threatening experience. People who I am given to help are stuck in a pattern of self-sabotaging behavior. Most of them have been through quite a traumatic experience in their past. As a result they have a deeply imbedded belief that they deserve to be punished. They do not consciously recognize this. They are also consciously unaware that they want to be hurt in some way. In their perception, it is a distorted way of being given attention, which makes them feel important. It actually makes them feel like they are the center of attention.

If you have not had a similar traumatic past experience you may not understand this type of behavior. It is a result of being abused. They connect the act of being given attention, as being loved. They mistakenly feel more loved when they are being abused. If someone were not giving them this type of behavior and attention, they would be left alone and feel more unloved. It is this distorted perception that creates such life-threatening experiences for them. They are seeking love so desperately and this is the only way they know how to feel important enough to be given attention – even though it is abusive, harmful attention.

The people I am given to help also have been given several other angels to help them heal their perception. They have very broken hearts. Jesus wants them to heal and grow beyond these past painful experiences, to gain freedom from them. Other angels are helping these people in very specific ways they need at that time. I am only with them when they need my immediate help to get through a life threatening situation they created. My angel friends call me when I am needed. I then come help my human friend and then I leave.

I have the ability to influence very sick minded people who are filled with angry, aggressive energy. I do nothing with the human who is in the life-threatening situation. I go to work with their aggressor. I am able to get into their hearts, you could say, and bring them back to a memory of a time they were abused by someone they loved.

I slow down events for this person, I alter the energy in their body just long enough for them to feel the feelings they felt during that experience. It is a specific way of manipulating energy that allows their suppressed pain to arise, be remembered and felt. This creates a change of heart; an immediate change of heart. Loving and compassionate energy rushes out of their heart and they are changed forever. They do not want to continue being angry or aggressive anymore. This changes this situation immediately and for the rest of their lives.

I do help the person who was going to be harmed, but I directly help the person who is about to do the harmful action. I unblock a deeply buried pain from their past and a surge of loving energy flows through their heart as a result.

I am speaking to you now to tell all of you humans who read this that these abused people need your help. Both of these types of abused people need your loving, caring help. You are intended to help your human friends heal their broken hearts. Know that your heart will be healed by helping them heal theirs. Angels are actually not intended to be needed to help humans. But, humans have so lost their natural way of living that you presently need an insurmountable number of angels just to help you get through your lives.

If more of you lived your lives to help other people heal and grow, you also would heal and grow and in time, you would not need the help of angels anymore. You would all be in love with yourselves, your lives and with each other. It is not natural for you to need our help.

I am asking you to seek to help these injured souls; these broken souls. You do not understand how easy it is to correct your world’s ills. Spend some time each day giving your love and care to someone who needs help; someone you do not know. Help not only your family and friends, but help others also. This will heal your world.

“An angel of protection” (May 25, 2015)