I am an angel that specializes in helping people who are angry. I am only given people who are very angry towards other people. I support coordinating events for my human friend that will help them realize their anger is a result of their own behavior and not the behavior of others. I intentionally bring them an experience that will snap them out of this judgmental perception toward others.

I have the ability to love without guilt. The people who I am assigned to help, have extreme guilt. This is why they have so much anger toward other people. They cannot bear to face their own guilt, so they choose to judge and condemn other people harshly instead. This helps them feel self-righteous. Self-righteousness is a delusional mind-made perception that helps one escape their truth; the truth of their own guilt, which they prefer to ignore.

They do not want to face their incorrect way of thinking. If they did, they would realize they have been creating their own misery, and usually for a long time. They simply do not want to accept this responsibility. If they did, they would feel the pain of knowing they behaved un-lovingly to their brothers and sisters. This would be the painful feelings of guilt. Facing this guilt would lead to knowing they have hurt their Creator. They have avoided facing this at any cost by the time I am assigned to help them.

Most humans on earth do not understand that being unkind, unloving or judgmental toward someone is rejecting God. It is rejecting their own Creator. Everyone is God, though in a different physical form. Being an angel, I am God in a non-physical form. My form consists of a less dense energy than your highly dense human form. We are all God experiencing the love energy we are, through a form. God feels what every being feels. So, when you judge, hurt or reject others, God feels that too.

When I am given a human to help, I determine what type of people they judge and dislike the most, for this is the very quality they have much of. Feeling anger toward another is always due to something the person has within their consciousness that is not in alignment with love. I bring them the awareness of exactly what that is. You could say, I bring them a big wake up call. It is a very disillusioning experience for them to realize they are the problem, not the other person(s).

They resist their truth and it brings them much unnecessary pain and suffering. I came to talk to you to help humans understand that it is OK to acknowledge that you have been thinking and behaving in an unloving manner. When you recognize this truth, it is a time to celebrate and rejoice, not condemn yourself. You are closer to realizing what prevents you from being all-loving. That is a beautiful time to appreciate.

I understand you have been so conditioned to feel guilt that it is very foreign for you not to feel guilt. Forgiveness is how to let go of guilt. But, how do you forgive yourself when you do not feel worthy of forgiveness? The best way you can accomplish this is to give your inability to forgive to God, your Creator. You created your guilt, so realize that you cannot know how to forgive it. It is beyond your capacity to forgive yourself without the help of your Creator.

You need to fully give your desire for forgiveness to God. Ask God to do it for you. You have to do this consciously. You have to accept that you have this lack of self-forgiveness in the first place and then you need to have a true desire to let go of it. I help people get to this point. My purpose, as the angel I am, brings people freedom from anger toward others, to awareness of their guilt, to freedom from guilt, and to freedom from the inability to achieve self-forgiveness. My work is very rewarding. I have a few helper angels that assist my assigned human friends get through this time. Most of them need the help of a few different angels during this time of tremendous transformation toward self-love.

The last thing I would like to share with you is that if you help other people forgive their guilt and shame, you will likely not need my help. If you need my help to become aware of and heal your guilt, you are going to experience a very challenging wake up call. Know that this is not necessary. Helping others heal their guilt will prevent you from needing to endure this longer, more painful route.

“An angel who specializes in helping angry people” (May 24, 2015)