I am an angel of power. I specialize in giving people the power that comes from loving themselves more. It is a quality that comes from love. I am given a human to help positively influence their feelings of being unable to love themselves more. Typically, the humans I am given to help are doormats. They have extreme feelings of unworthiness. So much so, they allow people to treat them very poorly. They are stuck in a situation where someone in their life treats them with disrespect and mistreatment in one way or another.

The humans I receive to help need my influence greatly. You could say, I am given more severe cases. I have a powerful influence on them. I help them start to think differently about themselves. I help them want to have a better, happier life. I help them think outside a box of extreme self-limitation.

Most of the people I am given to influence have had a long history of accepting mistreatment from others. At first, they do not even think about being capable of creating a better, happier life. They feel that unworthy; so unworthy, they do not even think about the possibility of a higher experience. They always think they cannot have a happier life for one reason or another. They are stuck in that deeply imbedded belief.

Since love energy has a power to it, it promotes a feeling from within that naturally wants happiness. I intentionally emanate this quality that comes from love – the desire to be happy. This is automatic and natural for most people. But, the people I am given to help, have suppressed this desire. They have fully accepted that they are not worthy of being happy at all whatsoever. I shine my love on them so much and I love every minute of my work. It is so exciting for me to see my love energy start to influence their thinking. I help them think about having a happier life.

In time, they start questioning their beliefs that they are not worthy of being happy. Then they start thinking of having a different experience – a happier experience. This is when I start doing flips and cart wheels. I am so happy to see them become open to receiving more abundance in their mind set now. This is when I can really help them get out of an unhappy situation. They are now ready to accept more happiness. I love my life. I love helping people become happy. It is such a joyful experience for me. I love being able to share my love with others. I am very good at it.

When the human I am helping gets to this point of readiness to receive more happiness, my work with them is done. A different angel then comes to give them a different influence – strength and courage. I am then assigned another human to help in the same way. I have never failed at my work – not even with one human. I am very happy about that. I love being Jesus’ helper. He has many angel helpers. He gives us those humans who need our qualities. We serve Him and you with great appreciation. It is a blessing to help people become happier. It keeps us shining with love and joy.

I’d like to tell you that if you are presently this doormat type of person, who allows others to mistreat you in some way, the most helpful thing you can do other than asking Jesus to help you, is to start thinking differently about your past. All the people I am given to help, fully believe that they cannot have only loving, kind people in their life because of their past experiences. They think that because they grew up with an unloving, unkind mother, father or other family member who mistreated them; that this is who they are – someone who is meant to be mistreated. They simply accept that belief. So, they continue attracting other people in their life who also mistreat them.

If you are one of these people, know that your present experience creates your future experiences. So, if you presently think you can have only people in your life that treat you well and with love and respect, you will automatically change your future experiences to creating exactly that. Your damaging relationships will begin to dissolve away or transform into healthy and loving relationships.

Think and believe that in your life you can have only those people who honor you, love you and treat you well. I can say that if you presently believe this is possible for you, regardless of what past experiences you have had, your life will begin to transform into attracting and creating relationships with people that treat you well. Just believing this is possible for you in your present experience is all that is needed to bypass needing an angel like me to help you achieve this perception. You will be one big step ahead toward creating beautiful, loving and happy relationships.

 “Angel of love” (May 22, 2015)