Witnessed Experience from an “Angel of love” (example #2): I once helped a human who had a lot of judgment toward himself. He felt he was not good enough for many reasons. He felt inferior all the time. His father was particularly judgmental toward him, although his father did not express that openly to others. His father felt very inferior. He often judged others as not being good enough for many different reasons, talked negatively about others behind their backs and enjoyed making people feel inferior, including his son. This was unconscious on his part. He could not connect the dots.

His father’s pattern of thinking, talking and behavior was habitually focused on how other people were not good enough. As a result, he strongly influenced his son’s beliefs about himself as being not good enough. This helped his father cover up his feelings of himself not being good enough. He chose to continue to ignore his fears of not being good enough, so the fears continued to escalate. The son’s father never acknowledged or expressed approval for any of his son’s accomplishments. Whatever the son did or accomplished, his father would tell him how he could have done it better. The son grew up believing he was never good enough and he continuously strived to accomplish more.

When the son became a young adult, he became my human friend to be helped. He was headed toward creating much suffering. He was soon going to attract a wife who also felt very inferior about herself and lived her life seeking other people’s approval and love. This gave her a false sense of feeling loved, cared for and approved of. She rarely received this from her mother throughout her childhood. She also ignored facing her fears of not being good enough. There would have been nothing she could do that would have been good enough in her husband’s opinion. This woman would have become an alcoholic if she had married him. This would have helped her cope with the painful feelings of not being good enough in the eyes of her husband. She would have created much self-loathing, sickness and unhappiness.

This marriage would have resulted in a lot of misery for each other, as well as bringing a baby into the world born with a physical and mental defect from the mother drinking alcohol. It would have been a very unhappy life for the husband, wife and their child, experiencing much hardship in various ways. They would also have perpetuated much suffering for many other people who they came into contact with throughout their lives.

However, the influence of my loving energy being near this man, my human friend, helped him very much. He was able to accept a different perception about himself. He was able to accept loving himself more and more from the influence of my loving energy. His life went in a completely different direction as a result.

His increased loving energy changed the way he thought about himself and other people. He became one of the most loving and non-judgmental humans I have been assigned to help. I blossomed with much love and joy from the love energy he was willing to accept for himself and extend to others. I had much fun helping him love himself more and more. He was one of my favorite experiences. He helped so many people become happier and love themselves more. He helped people heal their self-loathing. He had such a happy life with his wife and four children. He loved and appreciated them so much. He demonstrated how to love them too. He honored their feelings and encouraged them to honor their feelings also.

This man had a choice to make when I was assigned to him. He could have chosen to continue feeling not good enough about himself and others. Instead, he began to perceive himself with love and acceptance and appreciate the qualities he had that he liked. He chose to perceive his life with more and more appreciation. I am so pleased he chose to love himself, his life and other people more, instead of continuing to perceive as his father did – as everyone and everything was not good enough.

“Angel of love” May 21, 2015)