I am an angel of love. I would like to impart my knowledge of how to fall in love with your life. It is easy for me to love my life because I am never not loving. I accept whatever God creates for me always. I never judge what God creates for me. I accept everything I experience with deep gratitude, whatever it may be. I too, have preferences about my experiences. I would rather be assigned to help an already loving, kind person to become more loving. It is a more enjoyable experience for me to help someone who has more love developed at the beginning.

But, sometimes I am given a very unloving person to help. They are filled with anger, hate and resentment or deep self-pity, worry and fear. My purpose, as the angel I am, is to influence my human friend toward wanting to be more loving. This could mean to be more loving of another person, themselves or a situation in their life. I stay near them and the energy which emanates from my being affects them positively. It enhances the energy they emanate from their being.

Every being’s inner energy extends outward and influences the experience in which they are presently involved. Humans often do not understand how easy it is to accept what they are experiencing in each moment. They have an automatic tendency to judge whatever they are experiencing as not being good enough. Then, they put their thoughts and energy toward talking and complaining about it, thinking how they can change it, improve it or make it go away so they can control their experience to be something different than what it is. Most humans do this continuously. They do not even realize they are doing this. It has become such a habit, they do not understand that they are resisting God’s desires and God’s will all the time.

They think they can improve themselves, their circumstances or someone in their life. This then becomes their mission – trying to decide who or what is not good enough and how to correct and improve it all. They do not understand that if they chose to accept their present experience exactly as it is, they would not feel unhappy, dissatisfied or resentful about it. It is their judgment that brings them unhappiness, not the person or situation they are dealing with.

Most humans have developed this mind set and they are rarely happy or satisfied with their lives as a result. It is interesting for me to witness how they perceive what God gives them as unsatisfactory. They habitually try to change “whatever is”. They unknowingly create their own misery. I simply stay near them so my loving energy will influence them positively. My presence does help them as many would be even unhappier without it. Because you are part of me and I love you, I do want you to be happier. This is a natural desire I have for all beings; for all to be in love with their lives. As your happiness grows, so does mine. I am still completely happy even when you are not. But, my soul radiates more love when you spread your love more. We are connected in this way naturally.

I usually do not have the opportunity to explain this to humans. I am pleased God has given me this opportunity so you may be more understanding of this self-defeating thinking process. I hope to help you realize how you can change your perception of any experience.

I would like to give you some different examples of how you unknowingly reduce your love and happiness feelings from your experiences. I desire this opportunity to speak of how I perceive. Perceiving like me and most angels will create the very experiences your soul wants you to have. Until you learn how to perceive more like me, you cannot create these higher, more loving experiences for yourself.

As I share some experiences I have witnessed, I am offering you a loving way of perceiving them. Know that if you allow yourself to perceive more like me, you will not need the limited, or painful experiences you have so long endured. They will fizzle out because your energy of dissatisfaction will not continue to fuel your perception, which further escalate those limited, unsatisfying experiences.

 Witnessed Experience from an “Angel of love” (example #1): I was once with a human who was very judgmental toward people who were less educated than he. He had been raised with the belief that only people who were more highly educated (as he) were worthy of honor, respect, and his time and consideration – which means his love. He experienced so much dissatisfaction throughout his life. Except for those people who had a similar level of education he had, he constantly judged everyone he came into contact with as not good enough for his love and kindness.

He grew more and more discontent with his life because he was discontented with most people. He couldn’t connect the dots. He had no idea how he was creating more and more discontented experiences for himself. He negatively judged most people as not being good enough, always looking down on them, so he disliked most people. He grew to dislike his own life more and more as a result. All of a sudden, he started losing the people he did like – the more educated people. His business partner betrayed him. He lost him as a business partner and friend and he lost much money as well. This led to losing more of his money and then his business.

This process took a few years to result in a state of mental anguish and physical breakdown. He created the loss of his wife and children for he did not appreciate all the love and happy experiences that were available to him from his family. He did not feel loving to them and often times he was rude to them. They felt more and more hurt and then resentful. More and more he judged his wife as not good enough. He criticized her more and more. The wife came to despise her husband and chose to love another man instead. Her husband grew to hate her and she hated him so much at this point, she did something intentionally hurtful to him. She embarrassed him in public around many of his educated friends. She knew this would upset him more than anything. She wanted him to suffer the same humiliation, hurt and rejection that she felt. He lost every single one of these friends. They now judged him as not good enough for their respect, time or love.

This man was now without his business which he had so loved working at. He was without the friendship of his business partner and his wife and children. His family did not even want to be around him anymore. He lost his house that he had enjoyed living in very much and all of his activities were unavailable to him now because all of his friends, business relationships and family were lost to him.

He was in a hotel room by himself and was so engulfed in hatred for himself and his life that he thought about killing himself. Then he did. These years of more and more intense misery and loss resulted from his judgmental beliefs that less educated people were not good enough and therefore, not worthy of his time, respect or love.

If he were to have changed his perception about less educated people many years ago, he could have experienced a treasure trove of so many loving and joyful times. He could have chosen to perceive all these people and all his situations with love and appreciation instead. But, he did not. His own perception continued to create more and more judgment of everything in his life as unacceptable until he could not live with himself and all that he created.

Many people have this same judgment toward others but for reasons other than education. Some people feel others are not good enough because they:

  1. a) wear different clothes
  2. b) have different beliefs
  3. c) have a different type of personality
  4. d) are not as athletic as they are
  5. f) are not good looking enough
  6. g) do not have as much money
  7. h) have a different type of profession
  8. i) don’t have a house or car they feel is equivalent to theirs
  9. j) have a health issue they don’t have
  10. k) are too old
  11. l) are too young
  12. m) were born in a country they feel is not good enough
  13. n) do not have more friends
  14. o) have different hobbies or interests they disapprove of
  15. p) don’t wear nice jewelry
  16. q) have a different skin color
  17. r) have a different religion
  18. s) have a different social status

I have seen so many reasons people choose to perceive others as not good enough. The result is always the same. They create a “not good enough” life for themselves.

“Angel of love” (May 20, 2015)