A most beautiful experience awaits you when you are healing your pain and fear. It is God’s loving energy expanding within you. You are allowing God to heal your fear when you are doing the HOPE Technique. As more fear dissolves away, more love expands. You are in the process of becoming free hearted – like a child again. Nothing and no one in the physical world can give you this experience. Nothing from the physical world can compare to this. The awakening of God’s love within you is the most beautiful feeling imaginable.

When I was on earth as Jesus Christ, I tried to teach you that your fear is not real; that it is an illusion you believe in. And that facing it rather than trying to avoid it is what will set you free from it. Try a new way of living for a little while. See what happens in your life. If you want to go back to ignoring what you are avoiding, you can. Trust in me if only for a little while. See what becomes of it. Resist evil not. This means not to resist your fears and to face them instead.

Using the HOPE Technique helps make this healing process simple and effective.

Jesus (May 17, 2015)