When you effectively heal your past hurts – the remaining unhealed pain in your heart – freedom is near. At first, you feel worse. You are feeling all the pain and fear you have been avoiding your whole life. If you can allow yourself to go through this process anyway, you would soon reach a place of acceptance with it. This is the moment I am waiting for with each of you. This is the moment you allow God to heal you. This is the moment you step out from the state of ignorance. This is when your true self starts to shine from inside.

I have given you the HOPE Technique to help you through this process; to make the process of deep emotional healing simple and effective. But, it still requires courage to do it. Remaining in a state of ignorance from what needs to be healed appears easier on the surface. But remember that ignoring and avoiding something does not make it go away. It actually strengthens its’ hold on you.

Until you are willing to face and feel your unhealed pain and fear, you will continue living in ignorance. This means living in ignorance of the direct experience of God. And this means living with trials and tribulations; pain and suffering; an emptiness that will never go away until you realize God. Until you face what is preventing you from experiencing God – your pain and fear – you will live in a painful, fearful and separating existence.

I have given you a way to find freedom from ignorance of God’s love. The HOPE Technique heals what is covering it up – your pain and fear. The Heart Technique stills the mind’s thoughts and connects you directly to your soul’s awareness. All it requires is a little time each day for doing it.

Jesus (May 16, 2015)