Believe in your worthiness to receive God’s grace. How do you do this when there is an underlying core belief within you that feels not good enough for God? You simply remind yourself that you are, every day throughout the day.

Tell yourself and God that you know He wants you to be in love with your life; that you are intended to experience love and joy to fullness – which in unlimited. The love and joy within you can continue to grow. There is no end to the love and joy of our Father. Watch what you think of that is not in alignment with feeling love and joy – negative, fearful thinking. Pay attention to these thoughts. They create your reality.

Every time you have a fearful thought, a negative thought, one of worry, judgment or disapproval of another; one of jealously or of guilt or any kind of disharmony, say this to Me: “Jesus, my ego just had another fear-based thought, but I know not to believe it. I know I am deserving of all the love and joy our Father wants to give me. Take this thought from me and give me the ability to think more like You. I want to. Thank you.” 

It can be this simple to start changing your thoughts. This brings your awareness to these random thoughts that usually go on without you even noticing them. It is this simple to begin a new pattern of thinking. If you do not change the quality of your thoughts, you will not be able to love more. It is as simple as that. It is love that brings you closer to your higher self’s awareness. Bring more love and self-worthiness into your beliefs by noticing your less than loving thoughts as they arise. Then give them to Me to transform.

Jesus (May 10, 2015)