I would now like to discuss how to cultivate inner joy. The level of inner joy you experience has been dramatically reduced. Most of you believe that when something you consider “good” happens, that it is that experience which caused more inner joy. Notice how this increased inner joy is very temporary. Your ego brings you back to feeling something isn’t good enough again and then it tries to figure out something else you need to make you feel more inner joy again.

This inconsistent inner joy is very superficial. It is also a very limited level of inner joy. Since this is all you know, you think it is normal. Yes, it is natural to enjoy your physical experiences and they are intended to be enjoyed. But, I want to help you know there is a level of inner joy that has nothing to do with the outer world. It is an experience that most of you do not know.

This is the inner joy that comes from our Father expressing through you – experiencing Himself through you. It has nothing to do with what occurs in the material world. Experiencing God’s inner joy is not dependent on what is happening outside of you. To explain it simply, it is dependent only on how much of your Love Energy [God’s energy] is flowing through you; within your heart and consciousness.

If you were to put your attention on the Love Energy that is flowing through you, rather than on what experience you can get from the physical world to give you more inner joy, your life would change dramatically. You would change from a life of trials and tribulations, fear and limitations of every kind, to a fulfilling life where you are the master of every moment. You are intended to be masters of your lives rather than your lives being masters over you and your feelings. You can allow God to create every step of the way before you. He wants to give you what He has to offer you. But unknowingly, you do not understand what He has to give. You would rather settle for what you think is better than God Himself – something transitory from the physical world.

I know you do not understand how you are doing this – rejecting God. You do not think you are. Do not judge yourself for this. Do not judge yourself for what you do not yet understand. You are learning how to be with God in your awareness. Reading these messages are helping you with this.

Become more interested in how you can experience the inner joy that comes only from bringing more Love Energy through you; more of My awareness of our Father’s love through you. Do not believe what you have been taught for many centuries; that you have to sacrifice the abundance of anything for God. This is a mistaken belief. It is the extreme opposite.

To bring more awareness of God into your life you need to spend a little time thinking this: “How can I experience more of our Father’s love through my heart and consciousness”? It is necessary for you to want this in order to receive it. It is necessary to want His level of inner joy in order to experience it. Otherwise, you will stay as you are, extremely limited and controlled by your outer world, living perpetually as victims of circumstance. Rise above that. Be all of who you are intended to be. Ask yourself how you can experience more of God’s love. Giving it is what will bring you more of His level of love; more of God’s inner joy into each and every one of your experiences.

Try a new way of living for a little while. See what happens in your lives and world. Instead of living for the experience your ego thinks you need, live for the purpose of experiencing more Love Energy. This is putting your love first, which will then create your loving experiences. This is putting God first. This is allowing God to create your life.

Jesus (May 8, 2105)