You begin to create a new pattern of correcting your fear-based thoughts by noticing them as they arise and then surrendering them to Me to transform into a loving thought. From time to time, start thanking Me for changing your thinking. Thank Me for improving the quality of your thoughts. Acknowledge that I am doing this for you now because you are noticing them and giving them to Me to heal. Remember that I am healing the quality of your thoughts, not you. Remember that you are not able to heal them yourself right now, because you are the one that is thinking them. It is I who heals them for you.

Say something like this to Me throughout the day: “Thank you Jesus for healing my thoughts. I know I do not know how to heal them right now. Thank you”.

Saying this to Me several times a day is acknowledging that I am. Your consciousness needs to know this change is taking place to make it a reality. Remember that your consciousness creates your reality. If you want to change your reality, you have to change what is in your consciousness.

Jesus (May 11, 2015)