When you are feeling sad, I’d like you to give your sadness some undistracted attention. Too often, when the sadness in your heart comes to the surface to be acknowledged, felt and loved, you avoid it. You do not want to feel it. Know that ignoring it this way strengthens this sadness. This wreaks havoc in your life in every way imaginable and diminishes your inner joy in every moment.

I want to help you know how to get your true state of experience back. Your unhealed fear must be dealt with to accomplish this. I know many of you do not want to hear about this. You want to continue to ignore it. Ignoring it seems to make you feel better than facing it. But, know that is far from the truth. It is unnatural to age in the way most of you do. It is unnatural to feel less than in love with life every moment. It is unnatural to have fear. It is unnatural to feel less than loving. It is unnatural to be sad. These feelings are not from God – from love. They are symptoms that occur from the not knowing of who you are. When you realize that you are love itself and are not separate from anything or anyone, including our Father, there is no such thing as sadness. Yet, you are so used to having these feelings, you have come to believe they are “natural”.

I know you cannot understand an existence without pain and suffering yet. Know I am sharing these messages to help you grow beyond this. When you are ready for God-realization, you will be ready to listen to new knowledge that can help you grow. Until then, I can offer you little assistance. If you choose to stay stuck in your present way of thinking and living, I sit back and wait for your readiness to grow more.

Reaching your potential requires acknowledging what you have adopted that is not real. Anything that does not come from love is not real. This includes sadness. If you were to honor your feelings of sadness as they arise, rather than pretending they are not there, they would begin to dissolve, simply by facing them. It can be a very simple process to heal away all the suppressed pain and fear you have accumulated from your many lifetimes of experiencing pain and suffering. You simply give your sorrowful feelings a little time each day to be acknowledged, honored and felt. This is giving it acceptance and love. It is our Father’s love which will then heal and dissolve those feelings. But, you have to be willing to give acceptance.

Give the sorrow within you just a little undistracted time each day. Allow yourself to feel it. Honor it. Face it and you will free yourself of it and all of the limitations you have unknowingly taken on because of it. Know that you will not fully understand the value of this until you start to experience the benefits. Our Father wants to blossom within you. This means His love, peace and joy. He wants to experience Himself through you fully. When you face what is not real, truth will prevail.

Jesus (May 6, 2015)