Any concern you ever have should be given to Me to take care of for you. This develops a new way of living – intentionally surrendering your every concern or need to Me. This will bring the letting go of ego automatically – without even trying. Remember that trying to resist ego will never work. Resisting ego always makes it stronger. Through intentional surrender, you simply become less dependent on the ego to govern your life. Here, when I say ego, I mean your mind. I want you to transition from your mind controlling your thinking to your heart directing your life. This is the way to begin.

Tell me what you need help with throughout your day. Give Me your needs, your concerns, your fears. Give them all to Me and ask Me to take care of them for you. Surrendering your life to our Father begins like this. It is so simple, many will ignore this message, thinking this could make little or no difference. But, remember that if you stay thinking the same way, you will continue to devolve as you have been. The conditions on earth have not improved, they have grown worse. This is because the collective consciousness of earth’s inhabitants is devolving. You are all connected and you all affect each other’s growth more than you know.

Surrendering the desire to control everything and giving it to Me instead, brings in more peace. So, when you notice you are feeling fearful, worried or frustrated, give Me your concerns right then, in that very moment. Ask Me to resolve it as I would like it to be. Trust in Me to do a better job than you. Many want to know how to bring more peace and grace into your life and dissolve the ego’s resistance and fear. This is an ideal way to begin.

Jesus (May 5, 2015)