Do you understand better now, how the ego will always keep you in a state of wanting fulfillment but never achieving it? And, that it is never ending? Ego will never feel good enough. Ego believes nothing is good enough. And, that also will always be this way. Remember that ego believes it is separate from fullness. Though, intellectually understanding this will not stop its’ continuing to control your thinking.

The only way to turn around the ego’s fear is to honor it. Acknowledge how it feels. Give it your full attention, especially when it gets strong. Accept it and tell it you understand how it feels. Tell your ego it has a valid reason for feeling this way. Now, feel its fear. Feel it as fully as you can. Then talk to Me a few minutes about it. Tell me what you acknowledge. Tell Me how it, your ego, makes you feel. Then surrender that painful feeling to Me and simply ask Me to free you of it. Put it in My hands now for Me to take care of.

This simple action of acceptance and surrender is all you need to change the pattern of the ego’s habitual fearful thinking that, right now, is automatic. Doing this daily, or more frequently as needed, creates a new thought pattern that will not allow the ego to keep you stuck in feeling its fear. Worry not. Doing this will develop your trust in Me. Worry dissolves as you develop your trust in Me.

Jesus (May 4, 2015)