When you are feeling lonely, what do you think you need? What does your mind tell you? Pay attention to this. Your mind will think of something in the physical world: a person, a situation or a thing. Notice this. I have already explained how anything from the physical plane cannot satisfy or fulfill your heart’s yearning for fullness. But, notice how you continue the same pattern of thinking; thinking you need something more “out there” to bring you more peace, security, happiness, freedom, wholeness and love.

Know that when you ask God for these “things”, you are telling (reinforcing) Him it is not Him that you want and need, but the things He can bring you. This is staying stuck in the unfulfilling pattern of ego’s thinking. Ego always wants something more from the physical plane. Ego comes from your mind, God comes through your heart. Your heart always wants God – the qualities that come from love – compassion, kindness, happiness, joy, peace, wholeness.

Yet, your mind continues to believe you need something from the physical plane for your fulfillment. This unconscious, habitual pattern of thinking has been going on for an extremely long period of time. You are still stuck in this same pattern of thinking and living and have not as yet achieved fulfillment. Recognizing this will change your life. The simple awareness of this will be life-changing. I now ask you to bring your awareness to this without the usual negative self-judgment.

After reading this message, spend a few minutes and ask yourself what you think you need to not feel that underlying loneliness deep inside. It is always there – that feeling of something missing. I’d like you to become more aware of it. Give it a few moments of your attention please. What does your mind tell you is needed to fill that emptiness? It is important to write down your answers. List them individually.

Now, say something like this to Me: “Jesus, I am lost. I do not know how to bring my heart fullness. I am confused about how to create true happiness and fulfillment. I live in a physical world and have physical needs. But, I am confused about how to attain fullness of life. Since I do not yet experience fullness of life, I must not know how to create it. But, I want to know. I want to know how to feel complete, wholly loved, fully lovable and instilled with Your level of inner peace, joy and love in my heart – what You call, “fullness of life”. I am asking You to help me with this since I do not know how.”

Jesus (May 4, 2015)