Question from Connie: Jesus, some of the readers of “Messages from Heaven” have some questions for you about forming the communities you recommend. For those who may be interested in this, would you please explain in more detail what these communities would be like? Some have asked if they would be required to separate themselves from the rest of world; if it would be clannish or like a “cult”. Could you please comment? 

Jesus: I would like My communities to have complete and total freedom from all forms of restrictions and limitations. This includes loving and welcoming all within and to all those who are outside of the community. However, the community should not house more than 300 people as I have previously discussed.

I would like it to be what you might call a development, neighborhood, subdivision or small village. There would be homes on the property for the residents who live there, a healing facility that focuses on emotional healing/healing one’s suppressed pain and fear, a “town center” or town hub, where there are some stores, offices, rooms for teaching children and adults, and other small businesses within the community, such as a store to trade goods, a dentist’s, doctor’s and veterinarian’s office, etc. It is up to the residents of the community to choose exactly what stores or rooms they would like to have available in the community, as well as the preferred design of the community. But, I will give you some specific suggestions you may want to consider:

1) A store with extra/left over food that is grown, prepared or stored from each household that would like to share or trade for other foods with their neighbors. For example, one can trade their eggs for a neighbor’s apples; their grown walnuts for your vegetables.

2) A healing facility for emotional healing.

3) A doctor’s, dentist’s and veterinarian’s office for the residents of the community.

4) You, Connie, have already “envisioned” a quaint, charming store that makes non-toxic, luxury hand-made soap, laundry and dish detergent, shampoos and conditioner, lotions and creams, beautiful candles, raw dairy products and a fitness center…etc.

5) A store with supplies of equipment and tools to build, make and repair things.

6) You may want to have a restaurant offering a selection of your locally grown foods for those who want to “eat out” within the neighborhood and for visitors or tourists as well.

7) A “spiritual learning center” to have classes, workshops or lectures from various teachers from among those who live within or outside the community that you would like to have available. It is ideal to have such teachers not be focused on belief systems, but be universally minded – unity minded, not separating, dividing or segregating themselves from others with different belief systems – what you might define as a “religion” or “cult”. All religions, faiths and belief systems would be welcome.

8) An integral part of these communities should be that they are able to provide all residents with what is needed to live, without the necessity of any outside sources for up to several years. This means it would have its own natural, self-sustaining power source (electricity), underground water source, food, medical/dental/vet care, any equipment, tools and supplies needed for a period of several years.

Jesus (May 3, 2015)

As of May 7, 2015, there are 16 people registered on the “TOGETHER, LET’S START A VILLAGE” list.

When there are 50 people registered, I will contact you via email to schedule a group video or phone conference call for us to join together and discuss our thoughts, ideas and personal interests; to bring together our skills, knowledge and resources.

To register on the “Together, Let’s Start A Village” list, email me your first name and email address to:

Connie (May 7, 2015) 

Following is a previous “Message From Heaven” for those who have not read it yet: 


I am now going to present something new to you; an idea. Let’s connect 50 people that register on the “Together Let’s Start A Village” list. Once there are 50 people with the same desire for creating and living in a community of Mine, let’s have some questions ready to begin the process of the creation of it. Your choices will be up to you and your preferences.

1) Where would you like the location to be that is 7/10 the way up in the United States or above? What country? What area? You can list a few options.

2) What is needed in this community to make it self-sustaining? What do you need in a way that does not poison yourselves or the earth?:

  1. a) Power/electricity
  2. b) Water
  3. c) Food
  4. d) Housing structures
  5. e) A healing facility
  6. d) Rooms for teaching/learning and connecting for a community of 50 that allows for 300?
  7. e) A dining area for eating together
  8. f) What other buildings or rooms would you like to have available?
  9. g) Bring your resources together. Remember the fishes and loaves of bread? Do not think about how little you may have. When you gather all resources, then in harmony and unison, give them to Me. Surrender what you have to Me and I am the One that will multiply what you have into what you need. Remember not to limit Me.
  10. h) Then begin with a property in a nature setting for My first village.
  11. i) Begin to grow your food, in a natural, healthy way. Have underground water available; bring your love into it – your new home environment. Expect it to be beautiful. Design it to your liking. Bring your creativity into it. Enjoy this process. Enjoy the journey of creating it. The logistics of everything will come together daily. Anything you need along the way, get together as one and give it to Me. We will create it together.

Jesus (April 10, 2015)