When are you going to decide to wake up? When you are forced to? You can bring grace into your past and present misgivings. This means with self-honesty. When you no longer continue to avoid facing the truth of all the unloving energy you have extended to others, including yourself, I will bring grace into your life. This means only with your acceptance. This grace brings immediate peace and allows love to expand more within you. This is our Father’s love, so remember to thank Him for it.

This message is about self-awareness – having enough intentional self-awareness to be honest with yourself. When you avoid facing your truth because you fear it so much, you are strengthening and empowering this fear within you. In time, this brings you to your knees. But know it is unnecessary to undergo this painful experience. Choose to face your fears instead, including deep ones that you intentionally ignore and pretend are not there. Know this is what I did to become as I am; fully united with our Father and all. The kingdom of God is within you already. It will be realized by you when you honor your fears.

Jesus (May 3, 2015)