Are you going to become more numb now, or are you going to listen to My suggestion? Ignorance is self-chosen and keeps you in the cycle of fear. For those who did not neglect your children this way, know that there is someone you gave unkindness to. Do not listen to your ego telling you this does not include you, so that you can stay stuck in spiritual stagnation. This includes every one of you. Feel guilt not. Bring light to it instead. Forgive yourself for not knowing how to love more like Me yet. Know that you have My forgiveness already. Know that you need your own forgiveness to become free like Me.

Since it is your own self-judgment that created this, know that you cannot resolve it without our Father. Self-forgiveness is needed to become free. Ask Me to help you forgive any wrong you have done. Ask Me to help you heal it. Do not ask and then forget about it. You need to bring action into it; action that is loving. The way to forgive yourself of anything, is to intentionally give love to others. Helping others heal and become free of disharmony, pain, emptiness, lack and limitation is to free yourself of all of these fearful qualities.

With genuine intention behind your words to Me, I will set you free. Come up to Me and My way of living. This means actively loving. Freedom is on the other side of all misdoings when you are giving love intentionally.

Jesus (May 3, 2015)