I will now talk to these parents who know who they are; the parents that harmed their children by neglecting your role of a loving and caring parent. Your hidden shame will do nothing of value. Your hiding the truth, living in self-deceit, will do nothing of value. Continuing to live with this level of guilt brings you more self-sacrifice than you know.

I want to help you free yourself of this. However you choose to hide this truth will bring a painful disillusionment to you. The longer you carry it, the deeper experience this will be. Remember that carrying an unhealed fear continues to strengthen it.

To bring light to this, help children with the same hurts you caused to your own. Make them your priority for the rest of your life. Help these children heal. Help them be prosperous. Help them be loved. Give Me your lack of forgiveness toward others and ask Me to help you forgive yourself.

Jesus (May 2, 2015)