I would now like to talk about something new; about your parents; your birth mother and father. I’d like to explain about the verse you have heard to honor your mother and father. I want to explain why. Some of you have had parents that did not honor you. Some even abused you, abandoned you and broke your heart. And, you are still living with that unhealed pain to this very day.

I want you to know that your soul asked their soul to be your mother or father, and that they agreed to do so out of pure love for you. Some of you have chosen to believe in pain and suffering. Therefore, you will create it one way or another. When you are ready to say good bye to such pain, you will be done with it. You will simply not accept it anymore. The Universe will support this healing transformation in your heart automatically, as it always does. It is the law of the universe. This is how our Father created you – as creators yourself. What you believe in, you will experience. And if you believe you deserve pain, the universe will coordinate events for you that match that belief. This is the law of creation.

There is also the law of cause and effect; what some of you call karma. It is true that what you give out in the form of your thoughts, feelings or actions, you will also receive back. These parents will receive what they need to learn compassion. Know that you may be one of them. Have compassion for all, including those who hurt you the most. They are the ones that loved you enough to give you the experience you needed to learn how to grow to a higher level of loving.

Jesus (May 2, 2015)