Happiness comes automatically when your soul is growing. I have said this before. I am repeating it for a reason. I want you to understand this more. An inner feeling of emptiness occurs when you are in a place of spiritual stagnation; a meaningless life results. Your life becomes dull, empty and mundane and then you become numb. Many of you live in this state until you die. You think it is how life is. You work to survive until you die. You try to have some pleasurable experiences as much as possible, but these times are usually limited to a weekend off or a vacation, if you are fortunate enough to get that.

You are not thinking of how unnatural this is compared to how your lives are intended to be. You unconsciously go along with it. You have conformed to a way of living without God in it. When I say God, I mean Life Energy. This is loving, happiness energy; feeling joyful, relaxed, and completely fulfilled. This creates living in a state of gratitude. What most of you consider gratitude is nothing in comparison to the level of gratitude I am referring to.

If you do not have the desire for “more” – more of your natural state of experience, you will continue living a lifeless life of stagnation, without much meaning, and with trials and tribulations. I’d like to ask you to imagine more – more purpose and fulfillment; a meaningful life filled with gratitude. You must also believe this is possible to make it real. This requires putting some energy into it; energy in the form of thinking, feeling and action. You need to recreate what you think about, what you feel and what you do. Most of you have accepted an extremely reduced quality of life and one without God consciousness.

What do you value most right now? You all value these qualities: love, joy, peace, usefulness, meaning, gratitude, happiness and fulfillment. What do you think will give you this? A nicer car or a bigger house? A higher status or position? More friends or vacations? A soul mate? You often put your attention on these “things”, these situations, and not on the experience behind them – love, peace, joy, happiness, fun, meaning, fulfillment, etc.

Right now, your mind decides what it believes will make you happy and fulfilled. That is based on your ego’s beliefs – which will always believe in your fears and that you are separate from love. Happiness, wholeness and fulfillment will always be “out there somewhere”. That is the ego’s perception. To believe otherwise is to bring death to the ego, which the ego always fights to avoid. Remember the ego always wants to keep you “striving, but never arriving”.

Let God choose what will bring you happiness and fulfillment. This means to let go of trying to control and manipulate your life and all that is around you. You do this to create what you believe will fulfill you. Let God take on this role. You will become directed in the flow of Divine Guidance. Transition from how you live each moment for what your ego wants, to what you think God wants.

It is only the wanting to do this that is needed to come into the flow of God’s guidance, wisdom and power. You will begin to let go of trying to be God before you have developed Him within you. Most of you do this unknowingly. This is because your minds control your thinking, feelings and actions. Your minds have taken over your life and world. Your lives are literally an illusion because of this.

Life is like being actors on a stage. But, you have forgotten that the scene on the stage is only a temporary reality and not a “true” reality. Your physical reality is created for your entertainment and meant to be enjoyed for a while. You have forgotten that the roles you play in your lives here are not who you really are, but rather it is a role you have chosen for a while.

When you have the desire to want to be aware of what God wants, you begin to transform this illusory reality into true reality. You travel from illusion to truth. You will not intellectually understand this fully, but you will begin to experience it by having the conscious desire, the conscious intent to let go of what you think is needed, into what you think God wants.

Jesus (April 29, 2015)