An Experience of a Higher State of Consciousness (#2)

This experience happened several years after my previous first “spiritual awakening experience” (shared in “Message From Heaven” #128). This one occurred while I was sleeping. Some call this an “out of the body experience”.

The only way I can word this, is that it was my “awareness” that woke up one night, during my sleep. (My body continued to sleep). My awareness, my pure existence, was coming from above my physical body, at about the height of the ceiling. I saw my body lying there sleeping. I immediately recognized how I felt completely free of physical pain, discomfort, limitation and the state of extreme fear and anxiety I was constantly in. I had been extremely ill from being severely mercury poisoned and with Lyme disease. Some doctors did not expect me to live and I was in a lot of physical pain and in constant fear of dying on a daily basis. Point being, I was in physical survival mode at this time. (I did fully recover 5+ years later).

I saw my body and all in the room from the view of being at the level of the ceiling. The freedom I felt from not being in my physical body is simply beyond what words can describe. I felt extreme joy, relief, peace and complete freedom. I felt extreme love and was in bliss. I started to intentionally look around the room more in a state of awe and it was like I had x-ray vision. I saw all of the many atoms in the walls, on the floor, in the furniture, etc. I instantly knew these “things/objects” were actually alive. Living microscopic particles of living energy were in everything, everywhere; even in the air. Everything had these particles of living energy and they were actually moving; constantly flickering-fluttering and vibrating. They were little sparkles of white light, constantly moving. I remember thinking they looked like miniature sparkles of lightning bolts.

I instantly KNEW that these miniature particles of constantly moving, vibrating white light, was God. I just knew that it was “God energy”. I was in extreme awe and was fascinated with what I instantly realized. I thought to myself, “oh my gosh, this is what they mean when they say that God is everywhere! I get it, I get it now! I totally understand! God is this “Life Energy” that is alive and everywhere and in and of everything”! I was fascinated that I was capable of seeing this, what I now knew was always there, but could not normally see.

I had the thought of seeing my two dogs that were sleeping out in the living room. I, my awareness, was instantly in the living room, still viewing everything from the view of the ceiling. I looked around at everything in the living room; the furniture, my dogs. Everything in there was “alive”, with these living, moving miniature particles that I knew was God Energy. I was in awe and pure freedom. I kept saying to myself, “So, this is God, so this is what God is!” It is a vast understatement to say that I felt an “enlightenment”.

A thought spontaneously came to me that I wanted to stay in this state forever and never, ever go back into my physical body. That very second, my awareness was back in my body, as it was lying there sleeping. But, I did not feel the pain, discomfort or restriction of being in my body yet. I starting saying to myself that I had to remember “how I left my body like this.  I have to remember, so when I wake up, I will not forget.” It was the most absolute most important thing for me to remember how I did this.

The next thing I remember, I woke up in the morning as usual and in my normal state of awareness and in my normal state of physical pain and discomfort and in intense fear and panic again.

The contrast of this was so extreme and the loss was excruciatingly painful. I was already suicidal at this time, as I had been very ill and in a lot of pain for over a couple years. I was feeling hopeless that I was going to live through this, as I had seen many doctors and specialists already express that “I may not make it or end up with permanent nerve, brain or organ damage”. But, after this experience, I KNEW how I would be, where I would be, the freedom I would feel if I died and was not in my body anymore.

I became extremely suicidal, yearning “for God” again, fully knowing who He was and the love, peace and freedom of being in that state of awareness. Needless to say, I wanted to be back in that condition again and I did not remember at all how I was able to have my soul leave my physical body as it did before. I was devastated that I forgot how to. After this experience, I completely lost any and all fear of death. In fact, I yearned for it more than I can express. I knew my body was not who I really was and I wanted myself back again – my true self. I knew what this was after this experience.

Connie (April 29, 2015)


This out of the body experience Connie had can happen every night during your sleep. When your awareness starts expanding, this will happen automatically more often. In time, this will begin to happen when you are awake, not only when sleeping.

Your awareness, which is now confined within your body, will expand beyond those physical limitations. When this happens, it is at first enlightening. Limitation is not present anymore. It is a feeling of utter and invigorating freedom.

This awareness that you speak of is who you really are. It is your eternal self. It is the awareness of your soul. There is no fear within your soul’s awareness and the freedom from fear is what you felt. You are intended to experience this loving state of awareness while you are living in your physical body. You are here to experience life in a physical world while maintaining full awareness of your true self. This means all fear within your awareness is fully healed. As you heal more fear, your consciousness expands and you become more of who you really are – fearless and God realized, free of pain and suffering. The love, bliss and peace of who you are is fully there in your awareness now.

Imagine living your lives in this natural state of awareness. There is no such thing as fear or limitation. You know God is everywhere. You can experience anything you want to, literally. That’s why you are here on earth; to experience what you want to for the fun and joy of it. The only thing that keeps your full awareness from being experienced is your fear. Until you heal it all, you will be limited. Face your fears as I did and become free hearted and fully God realized. This is your natural state of experience.

Jesus (April 30, 2015)