There is another way to still the minds’ thoughts. This way is by thinking of Me throughout your day. It is simple, but challenging to maintain because your thoughts are so habitual right now. You have developed a momentum of thinking in a scattered way – one thought after the other randomly, without having any intention behind them. Basically, your thoughts are in a momentum of automatic. You have little control over them. Your thoughts actually control you rather than you directing them. This is what makes up a scattered, unconscious, chaotic and unhealthy world that you live in.

You have lost domain over your lives and world. The force behind your thoughts is fearful energy. And it is this fearful energy that drives you and everything you do. Most everyone lives in this state of unconsciousness; unknowingly allowing your fear to control you. Most of your thoughts are fearful. You go from one to the next habitually, automatically, and it has become “normal” to you. You do not even recognize all that you have lost. You have lost your power. You have lost your true self. You have lost your awareness of God.

You live in worry and fear, so you create more fearful experiences – sickness, dysfunctions, chaos, abuse, violence, poverty, a meaningless life with various forms of pain and suffering. Our Father did not create this. You did through the forgetting of Him. You have the power to create what is in your consciousness. You have all the power I have. But, you have lost the ability to know how to use it.

This is because your mind’s go from one negative, fear-based thought to another all day long. Your minds have been in this cycle for so long, it seems normal to you now. Staying in this cycle will lead to destroying yourselves. Less fearful thinking is needed to change this unconscious pattern from continuing.

Without your desire to improve the quality of your thoughts/thinking, you will not. This will create a certain outcome. Allow Me to come into your thinking. Intentionally think of Me being with you. Have your attention, your awareness on Me being with you throughout your day. Know I am loving you. Do realize that this alone will turn your world around. It will. If you are thinking of Me, you have Me in your conscious awareness. You will be directly connecting with Me intentionally. And you will begin to have My influence in your thinking, feelings, behaviors and life. Then, I will create the healing, the balance, the reorganization of your life and world.

Jesus (April 25, 2015)