When you are sleeping, there is something that happens in your consciousness. Right now, this can only happen in your sleep. I’d like to talk about this with you. It will help you understand more about how your consciousness works.

Your consciousness is much more open when you are sleeping. This is because your mind’s thoughts are less in control. Consciousness is hard for the mind to fully understand; in fact it is impossible. Consciousness is not something physical. You do not experience it from within the five physical senses. Remember that the mind can only identify through the experience of the five physical senses. If you cannot touch, hear, taste, smell or see it, the mind cannot fully comprehend it.

Your consciousness is your awareness. It could also be called your perception; how you perceive everything. It is what you perceive. It is how you perceive. When you are awake, your mind’s beliefs taint your perception.

Your present beliefs limit your awareness greatly. When you are awake, your perception is dominated by the thoughts that you believe in. When you believe in fear, the fear distorts how you perceive your every moment. I have explained that with the underlying core belief that you exist as separate from your Creator and all else, you perceive everything skewed, with separation and fear. This is a fearful belief. Right now, most of you on earth believe you are separate from God, Me, each other and all. As a result, you have an underlying feeling that something is missing, that you are incomplete and that you are not good enough. This is where your consciousness is presently at.

When you are sleeping, the fear you believe in is still in your consciousness, but you are not consciously aware of it. This creates a window of opportunity to become more aware of God; simply because fear is not controlling your thinking.

I would like to share a powerful method of intentionally expanding your consciousness while you are sleeping. Many of you will not want to put in this effort. So, this is for the few of you who do. In time, it will require no effort, as it will occur spontaneously. But, this requires a letting go of being the one in control of your thoughts and you are simply not used to this. So, it may seem as though some effort is required at first. But, know this is your natural way of utilizing your mind, without it trying to control everything. This is a practice of surrendering while you are sleeping.

Before you go to sleep at night; after the lights are out and you are more relaxed, do this:

Feel love. Feel your love for Me. You want to put your gentle attention on your physical heart while you are doing this. Place your attention to your heart’s location. Have the intention of feeling its loving energy extending toward Me. Now imagine I am feeling it, that I notice it, and that you’ve got My full attention from it. You are drawing My attention to you directly. You are now connecting with My awareness of your heart’s loving energy.

Know I am fully loving you for doing this. I am giving you back My powerful, loving and adoring attention. I am never not loving and adoring you fully, but I want you to bring your awareness of My awareness into your consciousness for a few minutes before you go to sleep. Simply, put your attention on feeling your love for Me and on My love for you a few moments before you sleep. This will bring more of My consciousness into your consciousness while you sleep.

Jesus (April 23, 2015)