As I have mentioned, many are starting to feel a deeper yearning, an inner longing for something more and it is your soul calling you to awaken. It is our Father’s love. It is usually a feeling that passes through you very quickly and you give it little attention. You are too distracted in busyness. Busyness in action and busyness in your mind. You are not still enough to connect with it. Remember that the presence of God is pure stillness.

To connect with It, it is necessary to become more in tune with It. The more you connect with It, the more of your Life Force enlivens within you. I have described the feeling that accompanies this as much as words can convey. It is an aliveness, a love and comfort that is so beautiful it is unimaginable. It is our Father. It is our true home.

This message is going to discuss something vitally important that enables you to connect with our Father’s energy directly. It is about meditation. I will give you My definition of meditation, for there are many varying methods. It is a practice that stills the mind’s thoughts.

I gave Mette (Connie’s friend) the “Heart Technique” practice to teach others. The first part of the “Heart Technique” is a meditation that effectively stills the mind’s thoughts. This is the most important part of the practice. For, if you cannot slow down your thinking, you can accomplish little else.

I’d like to talk to you more about why it is important to practice a meditation that uses My mantra – the sound of creation: “I AM”. Gently repeating this sound silently in your head creates an energy reverberation throughout your nervous system. It induces the presence of God to awaken within you.

With the daily practice of this meditation, your body’s energy gradually changes to be more in alignment with the energy of God; His presence. It is the presence of His peace that passes all understanding that you have heard about. Simply put, connecting daily to this still energy awakens your soul. Reducing your mind’s thoughts is necessary to accomplish this. You cannot merge with God’s loving, peaceful power if your thoughts are too busy. This is what I’d like to discuss more now.

It is going to be very challenging for you to alter the quality of energy in your consciousness and body if you do not practice an effective meditation daily. There is a momentum of busy, scattered and stressful energy within most of you. You cannot turn this cycle around to a calmer, more peaceful place without practicing a daily meditation as this. Your minds are simply in a mode of busyness; of unconsciousness. Expanding your consciousness is necessary to become more in alignment with the state of consciousness of enlightenment.

For those of you who already practice a mantra meditation, I would like to ask you to change your mantra to “I AM”. It is ready to be practiced now by all. When you are used to your own mantra, you may not want to change it. Your nervous system is already integrated with the sound effect of your own mantra and it is comfortably familiar to you. There is nothing wrong with other mantras, but I would like to have all of you using this same mantra. I will explain why.

“I AM” is the sound of creation. There is no other sound that influences your energy more in alignment with God’s loving energy than this. Mantras influence the energy in your body and the mantra, “I AM”, is going to help you enhance the world’s collective consciousness much more effectively. You are ready to unify more in this way. It is time to merge your consciousness with the presence of God. The more of you that use this mantra, the sound of creation, the more easily and quickly you will support and influence each other’s spiritual growth. Remember the saying that two people praying together is stronger? It is like this. Two lights are brighter than one. Shine your lights together please. Shine in harmony and unison with each other. Become a collective source, more effective, as one light calling our Father in this stillness.

Question from Connie: In your book, “Help From Heaven”, on page 54, you mentioned that the sound of creation is not OM, but AUM, as in AMEN, not “I AM”. Can you explain this?

Jesus: Aum and I AM is one and the same. The long “I” that you pronounce as “eye” in your English language does not matter that it is not in the sound AUM, as in AMEN or that the A is pronounced as a long A. It is the meaning of it and the power and influence behind this word that was created by Me that is what affects you when you repeat it silently in your head while in a place of stillness.

Jesus (April 18, 2015)

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