Begin to create a new life in your head. Use your imagination. As long as your desires are in alignment with loving to all, there is nothing you cannot create. You have the capacity to be a creator like Me. We were born the same; in a human form. I was also a man. The only difference is that I brought forth God’s love fully through my physical form. That is what makes Me seem different than you.

I developed My consciousness fully by surrendering all of My fears to our Father. I consciously gave them all to Him. This simple intention of giving Him your fears to take care of for you, which includes any perceived problem imaginable, will transition your thinking to being more as you truly are – God unlimited. All limitations of any kind are always a result of incorrect thinking. Yet, if you believe your thoughts are truth, they are truth for you.

Transition your thinking to being more in alignment with truth. You can naturally grow out of them. This means you let go of trying to control each and every present moment. This means surrendering each present moment to our Father. This transition can happen quickly. It will lead to gaining the power of love; the perfection of love; the peace of love; the joy of love. Grace. This brings the grace of God through you.

If you believe you are God before you are free of all fear, it is your ego’s fear that takes over. If you surrender to God until you are free of all fear, you will become free of fear and develop God within you.

God realization is the believing in no fear and being fully loving. So, while you presently have fear, you want to strengthen your love and reduce your fear. You do this by cultivating your love for God and surrendering your fears to Him. This transitions your thinking from fear to love. This transitions your consciousness from fear to love. This transitions your fearful lives to fearless lives. This leads to having no limitations, no dysfunctions. This leads to God consciousness – the knowing that you are already God. This leads to enlightenment on earth for all.

Jesus (April 18, 2015)