There is a way to develop the power of God within you, toward the creation of your desires. When your desires involve the love for all, there is no limitation to what you can create. Until you are God-realized, consciously surrender each moment to Him. When you have surrendered the desire to control your life and your world and you become one with Him in your awareness, you will then have My ability available to create.

Surrendering to each moment requires continuous conscious awareness. This means the desire to allow God to operate your life and everything else. Without your conscious desire to let Him take it over, He will not. This means you will continue to coordinate your life. And, until you are free of fear and God-realized, you will bring struggle and limitation into whatever you create.

Your lives are intended to be of complete and total freedom from suffering, struggle, limitation, sickness and lack. All of these dysfunctions occur because you are trying to govern your life and your world. When you have grown spiritually to the point that you surrender your fearful thinking, your fearful feelings will be no more. That is when you gain the full power of God to create your life. This is freedom. This is salvation. This is the attainment of God-consciousness.

Until your mind is free of fear, you will experience fear and you will continue to create a dysfunctional world. However, life is not meant to be one of effort. You need to let go of that which is creating all effort and all that which you need to control. Right now, this means your fear; your ego or the “devil”.

Intentional surrender of every minute weeds out your fear more effectively than anything else. Simply put, you begin a new habit. This will lead to dissolving all problems in the world. Instead of trying to fix them yourself, you allow God to do it for you by simply wanting Him to. It is truly easy. You just need to create a new habit of surrendering.

Remember though, the ego does not want this to be. The ego losing itself means its death. It is a force, it is an influence. And, you unconsciously continue to feed it. You do this unknowingly and automatically. You do not know any other way. This is because you have forgotten God. It is a dysfunctional, delusional world you live in because of this.

Bring awareness into it. When you notice you are feeling less than loving and not in a place of trust, ease and grace – inner peace – a feeling of resisting – surrender that moment to God. Consciously say, “God, please take this; I give it to you now; I want to follow your lead instead of my own”. Doing this will create a new trend. You will change your lives and world. You are intentionally wanting to trust God instead of your ego self. This is the world-changing moment I am waiting for with each of you.

This is when you are allowing Me to enter your life and create it for you. This is a completely different way of living. It will bring you the peace, freedom, love and the power of God. This message is about surrender – surrendering your fearful thinking and beliefs – to God’s loving guidance and direction. It is not doing more, it is doing less. This is needed to bring God into it.

Ego wants to “do”. Ego wants to control. Ego wants to believe it has the power. It strives to have more control and power in any way it can. And notice, it always uses fear to do this. It is your fear and you are controlled by it right now. You cannot fight this tendency within you. What you need to do it bring awareness of it into your consciousness. Then simply surrender it to God when you notice this “resisting” type of energy within you. This is all you need do to create a new trend rather than to continue following it in ignorance.

Jesus (April 18, 2015)