To gain more grace, ask for it every day. Let God know you want Him for your every need. With enough grace, you need nothing else, not even food or water. Spiritual energy, this non-physical energy, is your only true Life Force. It is the only thing you ever truly need. It is your eternal self; it is also your Father. It is invisible to the human eye, for it contains no physical matter. Yet, it is there. It supplies all life.

There is much more spiritual power available to you than you realize. You simply have not learned how to receive it yet. But, you will. Your mind has to accept it first to enable it to flow through you more fully. Your mind is a stumbling block to this. You are naturally meant to have My amount of Life Force within you. As it grows from within, you need less physical resources. You will begin to rely solely on our Father’s power as you let go of your need to control your physical world. You are intended to experience the physical existence, but without being in need of it for anything.

You do not yet know this level of existence but, you will. I’d like to expand your consciousness so you can begin to allow more of your Life Force to flow through you. What blocks it from expanding is your limited thinking. Remember that your beliefs create your reality. So, if you cannot grow your mind’s beliefs, you will remain as limited as they are.

How do you think I supplied what I did from nothing? What about the bread and wine? What about the blind man’s eyes? And the sick and the dead brought back to life again? It is natural to have domain over the physical, not the other way around.

Try to imagine a life without limitations. What would you have it be like? What would you do? Who would you be experiencing through? The true you is not only physical. You do have full domain over your body and world. You have only forgotten this. And, as always, what you believe is what you create. Start thinking beyond your present reality as you know it. Imagine living in a world where you can create what you experience. Unlimited thinking creates unlimited living. Grow beyond your mind’s present beliefs.

Jesus (April 17, 2015)