Being a follower of ignorance is a dangerous trap. It is subtle – ignorance. It always accompanies unconsciousness. Unconsciousness is without conscious awareness. It seems to happen without choice, but this is not true. There are so many opportunities that you choose to ignore. It is intentional avoidance behavior. Your fear drives this. It is what creates your dysfunctional world. It is a self-chosen role of ignorance. It seems to make the fear go away, but it actually creates more of it.

If you were to simply face the fear when it comes to your awareness, you would annihilate it. Your awareness would resolve it automatically. Those who live in ignorance, ignoring the truth, create all forms of havoc. If you faced it with grace – with honesty and trust, it simply would not be there anymore. What do you see in the world that you are not in agreement with in your heart? What feels not right? What feels not in alignment with Me and My teachings?

The suffering of so many pass through your consciousness each day. It is your ignoring it that created it in the first place. Your fear creates as much as your love. Know that whatever is in your consciousness, you create. And if there is fear there, it creates pain and suffering in various ways. The pain is there to let you know something isn’t right. It is Divine guidance, yet you continually strive to ignore it. A cycle of sickness and dysfunction from one form to the next becomes a part of your lives and world.

I conquered the world by facing all fear. In a short time, I realized it wasn’t real to begin with. This is when you become God – a son or daughter of God. It is full realization of truth. If you asked yourself just once a day, “what am I ignoring that is not God’s way – that is not loving”?, you would quickly turn around the ignorance the world is in. This would quickly put an end to all suffering. All forms of discord would not be supported anymore. You have the power to do this. You are not the sheep you pretend to be.

Bring love into this world. I cannot do this for you without you. It is your world that you live in. You have to be the ones to create it. Yet, know I will help you if you are willing. We can do more together than you know. It is necessary for you to be alignment with Me. It is necessary to be in alignment with being loving. Keeping your love in a box between you and your own family and circle of friends will not wake up this world. You have to develop your hearts beyond that.

How can you help someone that is in a state of suffering or struggle? How can you help bring truth – kindness, goodness, honesty, integrity, unselfishness, generosity, compassion – to something that’s not? What can you do? Are you too busy in your own separate world to care? You do know where they are. They are everywhere. You are supporting it by doing nothing. This is a self-chosen role. I want all of My children to be happy and free and fully aware of Me. I want us as one again in your world, not only the spiritual realm. Do not wait until you are there to care. It does not work that way. You first have to create it in your physical world.

Be followers of an unconscious life no more. Start facing your fear to get out of it. Ask yourself that question please, daily. Then do something about it.
Jesus (April 17, 2015)