I am bringing each of you a level of love that is going to change your world; the whole earth. I am going to restore your lives and your world. It has already begun to happen. These messages of Mine are the beginning of this healing taking place. You are ready for this. Our Father is ready for this. I am going to be open and honest with you as always, but it is something many of you may not want to hear. You can ignore it or you can benefit from it. This is your own choice to make. I am not asking Connie to share My messages to make you falsely feel rosy in your ignorance. I am sharing My messages to save the world.

Many of you will drift away and that is okay. The ones that remain in a place of openness to My messages will bring a new life on earth. Know this will be the minority, not the majority. The people that followed Me as Jesus Christ on earth were of the few. There are not limitations as a result of this. That is the ego’s fearful thinking, not truth. Just know this. There is no lack of power in My desires.

I’d like you to understand that there is a war coming to earth. It is unstoppable. Father has allowed it. In fact, He is supporting it. You will not wake up without it. When you hear the government asking for a new number for each of you, this is the formation of this world war. The creation of this war will not be a slow progression. It will begin without notice soon after. At this time, if you are not 7/10 the way above (up north) of the United States, you will be among the forgotten. This means the people who have chosen to forget Me. This means My love. They have chosen a different route to grow toward Me.

You will be among the healers and rebuilders. You will be in My safety. Do not forget this. I will bring you what you need to create freedom for all once again. I’d like to ask you to consider what this means so you have a more realistic view. Ignorance is always a chosen condition. Ignorance will not save you.

You will need to make some changes to follow Me and you may not want to make them. Know that your decisions are based on how your lives are now. Know that they will be very different in a world war. You would be happy then to change your location and way of living to not be a part of that chaos. Yet, you will not have the freedom or ability to make these changes then. This is the year, now is the time, to get started with the creation of My communities for each of you. Fear not. Fear accomplishes nothing helpful. Trust in Me. This is all you need.

Jesus (April, 16, 2015)