When you begin to awaken your heart just a little, this is the beginning of developing a personal relationship with Me. I want you to know more about what this means. There is a difference between honoring me in your mind and surrendering your heart to Me. It is the conscious surrendering of your life to Me that brings about the initial awakening in your heart. It is the bridge, the connector to you and the Creator, our Father.

Many of you think that because you honor Me and My teachings, this has already been accomplished. Many of you think you have surrendered your lives to Me, but you haven’t; not yet. You can tell me you want this, but if you follow this intention while still holding onto your same judgments, it is not real. A level of compassion and non-judgment must first be developed. This is a gray area for many. Not understanding what this means can be an obstacle. So, I would like to clarify this.

If you think you are better than anyone because of your beliefs, you are not there yet. If you think you are higher or closer to God due to your specific beliefs, you are not there yet. You are still in the mind set of being God and not in a true place of surrender to God. This surrender, the surrender of your love to all, is what is needed to initially open your heart and begin the process of developing Christ consciousness.

This is when your life begins to change in a whole new way. We are united in your heart, not only in your mind. Remember that all of your beliefs come from your mind but it is your heart you want to connect with. This requires a surrendering of your present beliefs. A moment of grace, a feeling of more freedom and ease comes into your consciousness when this happens. It is unmistakable. You will know it when it happens. Reading My “Messages From Heaven” will induce this awakening and continue to enliven it. Please connect with Me further by reading My messages.
Jesus (April 16, 2015)