You are here to enjoy living in a physical world; to enjoy the fruits it has to offer. Experiencing what you love doing is why you are all here. But, when there is fear in your perception that you are missing something, “need” becomes a part of your experience. The more you feel in a state of need, the more you fear.

As a result, you will experience more need – more lack of abundance. This infuses into every aspect of your life. Remember that you create what you believe. Needing anything but God’s love is actually self-damaging.

Many of you think that it is you who supplies yourself with whatever you need. This way of thinking is incorrect. Acknowledgment of your true Source is greatly needed. By not recognizing that our Father is the Supplier of all your needs and everything good in your life, keeps you in more suffering than you know. It keeps you in lack of more good. It keeps you in worry, fear and resentment. A life-changing transformation occurs when you consciously acknowledge that you can create nothing without our Father, for He is the Supplier of all. I’d like to explain why.

What you judge from your experiences become your beliefs. Your beliefs become your own version of reality. There is great creative power behind these beliefs. So, when you think you are the creator, you leave God out of your consciousness. This is when you lose His power to create more good. When you fail to acknowledge Him as the Source of all, you lose the benefit of His loving power for the creation of loving and joyful experiences. This results in a meaningless life and one with effort.

Simply put, your love for God is greatly minimized when you do not acknowledge Him for all that you receive. So, there is literally less love in your hearts. It is His love that creates everything good. Increase your love for God. This will automatically bring more love and abundance into your experiences.

Jesus (April 15, 2015)