Do you want to know more about Me? You can read about Me or you can experience Me. Which would you prefer? There is so much reading about Me and too little of experiencing Me. I am a level of consciousness. God brought Me to earth to develop His state of awareness. This means fully loving. This means without fear. All of you are here for the same purpose; to develop your hearts to fullness. When you accomplish this, you have My level of consciousness; God consciousness.

The more you develop My level of consciousness, the more we become as one; the more you experience My heart. The joy and fulfillment, for which you are all searching, will only come from experiencing God consciousness. The more you develop Me, the happier and more peaceful you become. There is an inner love and joy that you are all seeking, but many of you do not seek beyond your physical world. You are clinging to something in the physical world to seek for that which is not physical. There is no situation, nor person or thing that will ever satisfy or fulfill you.

That emptiness inside, that hollow feeling of something missing, is the lack of My love. It is waiting to be experienced through you. This is what you are searching for but you do not know where to find it. I do want you to want Me and My level of consciousness. But, you are so busy in activity, you cannot connect to Me. You cannot experience Me. You cannot know Me.

I understand it’s getting increasingly challenging to be in stillness. Your minds are so busy with so many thoughts, that when you start to slow down it feels uncomfortable. Your suppressed, buried feelings come to the surface of your awareness then. It seems more comfortable to continue to ignore them. You do not want to feel them. You have been doing this a very long time; ignoring what’s in your heart – the pain and fear.

It is a part of you right now. The only way to be rid of it is to heal it. This means to face it and feel it. Freedom is on the other side. It is a freedom you will all reach in time. Any ongoing agony you continue to live with will not go away until your full awareness is given to it.

What is the alternative? Insanity; complete and utter insanity. You are already much more than half way there. You’re near the end of having a choice in the matter. When there is no way of pulling yourself out of being stuck, God will have to do it for you, all Himself. This means a hard wake up call. It is only so you can continue to grow. Our Father will not leave you lost in the dark forever. He loves you.

Are you going to join with Me or not? I have personally asked you to join Me. Sit with My invitation for a few minutes in silence. Feel your heart. Where is it leaning? Toward My community that is intended for you? There is a higher quality of life waiting for you there. A quality of living that as yet you do not know exists. You cannot continue living life solo much longer. It simply will not be supported anymore. Our Father wants you to grow. He wants to experience more through you.

Jesus (April 14, 2015)