Make amends to yourself from the past. It is always your own guilt that leads to all other forms of painful feelings. I’d like to expand your thinking about yourself. Many of you think you are not good enough for God. Many of you think you are not good enough for Me. You have a concept of God that is distorted. You’ve been taught that you need to sacrifice yourself for Him; sex, money, comfort, companionship, peace, fun, happiness and joy. Many of you have been taught that the more you suffer or struggle, the more deserving you are of God’s love.

Even if you consciously tell yourself you know this is not true, there is something deep within you that hangs onto to these beliefs. They are imbedded in you. This is a result of an inner guilt that is connected to your love for God. There is something inside of you that knows you chose to forget Him.

There is also a deeply imbedded belief within you that believes that suffering is the way to forgiveness from God; that if you suffer enough, He will forgive you of your wrongs. This creates an underlying fear of yourself – of your Higher Self, which is God. God will emerge fully through each of you when you are willing to forgive yourself from what is not even real to begin with.

Your perception has lost awareness of God, but you have never, nor could ever lose God. He is what keeps you living each moment. He is life itself before all form. Who keeps your heart beating? What keeps you breathing? How does the sun keep shining? How are the flowers blooming? It is our Father – Life Energy. You are never without It.

If you simply remind yourself daily that God is fully within you already and that there is nothing to forgive in the first place, this will help you open up to loving God more and fearing Him less. This includes your Higher Self. This will help you forgive your own guilt. Know that I love you regardless of what you think you have done wrong. Know that in My world, there is no such thing. Just remind yourself of this.

Jesus (April 14, 2015)