I’d like to talk about our Father some more. I want you to better understand Him. That being said, know you will never understand our Father without the experience of Him. Do not forget this, so you do not want to stay stuck in your head. Intellectual knowledge will never get you in love with Him.

I’d like to explain how it all gets started – a love affair with God. It begins with realizing that nothing in the physical world will ever fulfill you. When you realize this, you are ready to grow spiritually at a much more rapid pace. You begin to seek Him.

This is usually when you are on your knees, so broken, you’ve given up on your wants; your own desires. If you are wanting something more from the physical world, you are not wanting God enough to draw Him close to you. You must want God to develop Him within you. Your desire is needed to create this awakening.

Falling in love with God is an experience that needs cultivating. Since you only know life from the physical world, you do not yet know Him. You can intentionally get to know Him by intentionally wanting Him. Your wanting Him is needed to become Him. Until you want God fully, your direct experience of Him will be limited.

I was born as all of you were. But, I mastered forgiveness quickly. I learned not to resist evil well. Evil is fear. I learned how to forgive it – fear. I honored it. I allowed it to be. I did not try to resist it, ignore it or pretend it wasn’t there. I faced it. I felt it and I accepted its existence. You already know this is doing “Babaji’s Work” (“The Hope Technique”).

The only thing standing in your way to uniting with our Father is your fear. You understand this more now. But, what are you doing? The same thing as always? Hiding from your misery? Going about your day pretending it’s not there? Distracting yourself from it with one activity to the next? Anyone that does not know our Father is living in misery, whether you acknowledge this or not. Some are so used to it, they don’t know anything else.

I have given you a way to freedom quickly. Yet, you are ignoring that. Stay dormant in your darkness no more. Have courage and face what is there. Why wait until later to realize our Father?

Falling in love with God is a process; the most beautiful, magnificent experience imaginable. The more you love Him, the more you attract Him. The initial awakening of falling in love with God comes when you have nothing else to fight for; nothing else to strive for. You give up. This is the moment I am waiting for. This is when you can utilize Me more fully. This is when you allow Me to take over and your heart opens just a little for the first time. This is when you begin to fall in love with God. Now we are together like never before. We are on the journey together as one. You are with Me in your heart, just a little.

Can you understand that when this occurs, you are not the same person anymore? You change overnight. You now consciously want God from your heart. When you reach this point in your life, this is what you do next to intentionally fall in love with our Father:

  • Talk to Him. Talk with Him from your heart. Tell Him how you are feeling, what you feel you need His help with and what you are grateful to Him for. Talk to Him frequently.
  • Have the thought throughout the day that you want to please Him; that you want to serve Him; that you want to make Him proud of you and all you do. Live for Him, not for yourself.
  • Give what you have to give to help others. Give your time, money, possessions. Give some of what you have each day to help His children.
  • Acknowledge to yourself and to Him that He is your provider of everything good.
  • Tell Him you are thankful that He brought you Me.
  • Be loving and kind to all life; people, animals and the earth.
  • Say nothing that is false.
  • Speak without negativity.
  • Live abundantly, not frugally in your thinking.
  • When you go to sleep at night, make our Father the last thing you think about.
  • Enjoy your time. Change your life if needed to enjoy your time.
  • Tell Him you want Him frequently.
  • Read books that make you feel more open hearted and connected to God.
  • Connect with others regularly who are also interested in developing their soul’s awareness.
  • Spend more time in nature.
  • Ask Me and Babaji for our personal help and support.

Jesus (April 13, 2015)