I want you to know that you are creators. Understanding this intellectually is of little value. When you begin to experience this – when you begin to truly realize that you are not limited, that you are intended to experience the power of Divine love, a power that you do not control, but that you allow to take over your life and world, you are beginning to develop Christ consciousness; My level of awareness. This is when grace begins to enter your life.

Struggle and effort begins to dissolve. A power overcomes you and you notice this. You witness this. This is the awakening of your soul’s love. It is the awakening of our Father within you. It is something you know is not coming from you, but from something within you. You have reached a higher level of awareness now. From here, life becomes very different. Ego simply begins to quickly dissolve.

Challenging experiences are not seen in the same way as before. Your perception starts to change. It is My light – our Father’s light, that begins to expand within your consciousness. This changes everything spontaneously. Your heart is not the same. It is opening wider now – literally. More light is shining through it. It is a letting go of the separate you as unity consciousness begins to develop.

As time goes by, as long as you do not restrict it, God’s love and power begins to create your life for you. Experiencing the Divine begins to redefine you. This means more love energy. Conscious surrendering to our Father is now needed more than ever.

The ego will find fault more than before. Ego will put up a fight for control. It, your mind’s perception, which is just an illusion that you believe in, will get more fearful. It wants to survive, not die. So, a conscious awareness – intentional awareness of your fear is of great value. In time, it will not be there anymore. But, this is a transition new to you and it requires some experience to become proficient with trusting in this power. It is a scary transition for everyone.

You do not intellectually understand it and the mind feels powerless to control as much as before and it will want to become stronger. A conscious awareness of your fearful thoughts and feelings are needed; otherwise they will control you. And, fearful thoughts and feelings take you away from God when you are unaware of them. It is awareness now that is your savior – My awareness. Christ consciousness. Resist not evil. You want to allow it – your fear to be there. Resisting it will not make it weaker. It is the opposite.

Many of you have begun this initial process. Many are near reaching the initial awakening of My love and power. You need to know how to handle your fear now more than before. Your ego’s fear will become more clever. It wants to bring your awareness back down to it. So, conscious awareness of it – your fearful feelings – without resisting them, is needed. Now is a time to watch yourself. Literally watch yourself as if you were Me watching you lovingly and adoringly, as I am. This is what brings consciousness into your direct experience. There is no judgment involved. Just witnessing what is happening within your consciousness. Pretend you are Me watching you. This is the only thing you need do to allow it. I will do the rest to continue your progress of allowing more fear to dissolve and more love to expand.

Jesus (April 11, 2015)