I am now going to present something new to you; an idea. Let’s connect 50 people that register on the “Together Let’s Start A Community” list. Once there are 50 people with the same desire for creating and living in a community of Mine, let’s have some questions ready to begin the process of the creation of it. Your choices will be up to you and your preferences.

1) Where would you like the location to be that is 7/10 the way up in the United States or above? What country? What area? You can list a few options.

2) What is needed in this community to make it a self-sustaining community? What do you need that does not poison yourselves or the earth?:

a) Power/electricity

b) Water

c) Food

d) Housing structures

e) A healing facility

d) Rooms for teaching/learning and connecting for a community of 50 that allows for 300?

e) A dining area for eating together

f) What other buildings or rooms would you like to have available?

g) Bring your resources together. Remember the fishes and loaves of bread? Do not think about how little you may have. When you gather all resources, then in harmony and unison, give them to Me. Surrender what you have to Me and I am the One that will multiply what you have into what you need. Remember not to limit Me.

h) Then begin with a property in a nature setting for My first community.

i) Begin to grow your food, in a natural, healthy way. Have underground water available; bring your love into it – your new home environment. Expect it to be beautiful. Design it to your liking. Bring your creativity into it. Enjoy this process. Enjoy the journey of creating it. The logistics of everything will come together daily. Anything you need along the way, get together as one and give it to Me. We will create it together.

Jesus (April 10, 2015)