Making the transition from ego-awareness to God-awareness is a completely different way of living. Every belief you have gets challenged. Your true self, who has no fear, perceives every minute detail of every circumstance entirely different. Your perception right now comes from your ego. And right now, you perceive everything fearfully. You believe in a separate existence. You do not yet know that we are all one and not separate from God at all. You do not yet experience Divine love, which is entirely different from “human” love – the loving one separate human being from another.

Your perception is filled with the core fear of existing separately from God. This distorts everything else – how you see yourself, others and the world. You believe that you, as well as all others are separate and not good enough; incomplete, not whole; not fully lovable. This creates the dysfunctional world in which you live. Lack, limitations and problems are created because you believe in the ego’s perception, which creates them. What you believe creates your physical manifestations – every single one of them. If you perceive everyone and everything as separate from God, separate from wholeness, incomplete and defective, this is what you create in the physical.

The only thing you need ever do, is to expand your awareness of knowing the truth. Your soul already knows the truth. But, you still operate from your ego’s awareness right now. You try to control and create your physical experience from the level of your ego’s awareness. The only thing you ever have control over is your own perception; your own awareness.

Trying to fix and repair a broken band aid will not fix the symptom (the problem). Trying to fix the symptom will also not solve what created the problem. Another problem follows another problem ongoing. You are stuck in trying to fix problems and not on what created them. What is needed to get out of this ignorance is to understand that it is your beliefs that create everything in your physical life. And if you believe you are separate from God, wholeness, perfection, pure love, you create the opposite of this – limitations, dysfunctions and problems, which brings ongoing pain and suffering.

Expanding your awareness means expanding the growth of your soul, the answer to all problems. Simply put, your soul’s awareness is more dormant than your ego’s right now. Your ego’s perception needs to grow out of itself in order for your soul’s awareness to take over. This is a transition from ignorance to truth, from fear to love, from judgment to compassion and forgiveness, from sin to sin-less-ness, from “evil” to “good”.

Put attention on your awareness – your perception, not your problems. Your goal is to develop My perception – Christ consciousness. Know that if you believe this is not possible or that it is too good for you, you will remain in your present state of limitation and dysfunction. This means staying in one form of pain and suffering to another; involved in another “problem” to resolve again and again.

You will never fix the source of problems by trying to fix problems. Trying to do so keeps you unconsciously stuck in creating them. Focus on your level of consciousness. It is your consciousness that effortlessly dissolves them. When your consciousness becomes more like Mine, problems disappear on their own.

Your consciousness needs to grow. This means your heart’s love and soul. Please practice “The Hope Technique” and the “Heart Technique” daily.

Jesus (April 12, 2015) 

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