I’d like to increase your power for you now. I’d like to strengthen your ability to be more like Me. This means being more aware that our Father is fully within you. You can induce the awakening of your soul’s love immediately with an intention; an intention given in the right way – with devotion. Tell God that your life is for Him. Tell Him you know this. If you do not feel you know this fully, that does not matter. It is the given intention of your devotion that is needed. God takes it from there.

Create a profound change in one minute; the biggest change of your lifetime. Consciously give your life to God. He has been waiting for this time. Just tell Him you want Him to take over your life. Tell Him you are willing to allow that; that you are ready for this and you desire this.

There is a readiness within your consciousness now from reading My words that has not been there before. Trust Me please. Just do it genuinely. I am communicating these words because you are ready for more of My power to come into your lives and world. I bring simplicity to everything, remember this. It does not have to be complicated or challenging. My way is with simplicity. Give our Father this moment of intention today to create a transformation that will come from it.

Jesus (April 9, 2015)