There are some of you that are feeling some frustration. You say you’ve been doing that. I say you haven’t – not like that. Enhance your ability to create like Me. Feel like Me. Feel loving, trusting, worry free. Feel joyful and grateful and humble. Feel in a place of surrendering to our Father with each experience, each moment. This can be very simple. The mind wants to create obstacles, but you do not have to believe in them. You can honor them and let them be without following them with your feelings. You can do this.

Day dreaming in this way a few minutes, a few times a day will quickly change this unconscious pattern you’ve been absorbed in. Your mind will say this is not good enough. Let it be, but do not unconsciously follow it with negative feelings or inaction. Know your mind’s thoughts are problematic. That is its nature – to figure out solutions to the problems it creates. Simply honor that, accept that. Do not resist this and know it is not truth. Let your mind think as it thinks right now. Put your attention on feeling these feelings – a few minutes, a few times a day. This alone will effectively redirect the trend you’re on.

Jesus (April 9, 2015)