Many want to change their lives completely. Many are reaching a time of exasperation. You are ready to just give up on life. Yet, you can’t. You’re not suicidal, but you simply do not want to continue living like this, feeling more and more daunted. There is little meaning in your life. There is little joy. There is little fulfillment. As a result, there is lack in your life; a lack of life energy in everything. You feel unsupported. Feeling life energy – love, passion, joy – brings more of it.

I’d like to ask you to imagine like you used to as a child a few times a day; just a few minutes a few times a day. When you do this, do it for My wishes, for My desires which I have expressed – a new way of life. See yourself and the whole world in love with life, in need of nothing, happy and free. I cannot live your lives for you. You have to be a part of creating your life and world. Only leave the “how” to God. Just day dream about it. Feel it fully – living in a loving world, in harmony and joy and loving yourselves and your lives. Put your attention on your inner feelings and how others are feeling inside. See yourselves happy, joyful and free. God will coordinate events that follow this. Leave solutions out of it. Leave the how to God. Just day dream of it.

Jesus (April 9, 2015)