Begin thinking of what it would be like living in such a community. Begin to imagine it. What would it be like to live amongst true friends? Friends that are capable of being kind, loving and caring to all; that think of the needs of others as much as themselves; that think of My desires; desires for freedom to live a balanced life, a healthy life, a non-poisonous life, a happier life; a more fulfilling life; a life filled with a joy you know not of yet; the joy of our Father; a comfort that surpasses all understanding that is within you constantly; trusting our Father to take care of everything; worry no more, nor fear or despair; knowing we are not separate – understanding this through direct experience; supporting each other through times of healing; knowing you are never alone; waking up each day excited to begin it; filled with wonder and a happiness beyond the physical; working for something that has real meaning. A healed heart is what will bring this into fruition. Let Me help you help yourself. I am here for all of you always. Make this a priority. Imagine this. Desire this.

Jesus (April 8, 2015)