Now that I have reiterated the importance of creating self-sustaining communities, I’d like to give you some practical guidance about how to get these communities started. Many of you are already interested in living a higher quality of life, yet do not know how to create one.

I will say first, make this desire clear in your mind and heart and consciously give it to God – your desire. Let Him figure it all out. Doing this – surrendering your desires to God is what brings His power into your desire. That being said, let’s start with the first few practical steps to get started:

1) Email Connie your first name and email address to register on her “Together let’s start A Community” list.

2) Print (copy and paste) the one page description of Connie’s “Help From Heaven and Friends of HOPE” Facebook page, and give it to a few or more friends or acquaintances that you think may be interested in living in a self-sustaining community that supports spiritual growth; a healthy, happy and balanced life that promotes living fullness of life. Please invite them to join with us.

3) A monthly “meeting of the minds” I will ask Connie to schedule via a group phone call. As you all start bringing your active energy into this desire, in the form of thought, conversation and other action, My support will come into it. My power will begin to infuse into your desire for this and I will make it grow.

Jesus (April 7, 2015)