Now that Connie has shared her first experience of a higher state of consciousness, I’d like to talk about it. I’d like to explain what happened and why. It is true that you must live a lifestyle that promotes a spiritual awakening in most cases. Your life energy, your spirit self, is a certain quality of energy; loving and peaceful energy.

If you live in friction, stressful energy, you will inhibit your spirit energy from flowing through your body more fully. This reduces the quality of your thinking, feelings and actions. This reduces the quality of your life. What most of you think is “normal” is not. It is not “normal” to feel less than fully loving, peaceful and joyful. If you continue to live in a state of stress, then stress is what you get. Stress comes into every aspect of your life; physical health, emotional and mental well-being, your relationships, your financial condition, your level of inner peace and joy; the quality of your whole life.

I’d like to explain more about My desire for the building of communities and why I am recommending them. The quality of life on earth is declining. It has been declining for a long time. How can you create a healthier, more balanced, harmonious, loving, connecting life in an unhealthy, imbalanced, unharmonious, unloving, non-connecting world? You cannot. You need to create your own.

Please create communities as I have previously described. Communities that focus on loving, healing and rebuilding a new society within your own community. This will positively influence all other life. Create a new way of life. A life that allows for and encourages spiritual growth. What Connie experienced is only a fraction of what is available. Our Father’s love is beyond explanation. His love energy is being left out of your direct experience. Do you think you can experience more of His energy while continuing to live in stressful energy? You cannot. You need to reduce your level of stressful energy. To accomplish this, you must live less stressful  lives.

Also, know that it is not only how you spend your time or how much time is available for rest, relaxation and fun, enjoyable experiences. It is also ridding your body of stored stress from the past – the stored, accumulated pain and fear from past experiences. For this, practice “The Hope Technique” and the “Heart Technique” daily.
Jesus (March 5, 2015)