Many are wondering if I am coming back on earth for you. I am. What you call the “second coming” is not through my own physical body again, but through yours – through your heart and consciousness – through your body. I am your Savior, but I only come to those who want Me. I never force Myself on anyone. Following God must be wanted.

There is a lot of knowledge about Myself that I leave unspoken for now. I only give you knowledge that you are ready to accept; that you are capable of accepting. I want to enhance your capacity for knowing more. This type of knowing is not through the mind, but through the heart. I am waiting for your hearts to develop further.

The cycle of your minds is habitual. They are on automatic; busyness to a maximum level before complete insanity. That is what comes soon for many of you if you do not slow down your thinking. Practice a daily meditation that effectively stills the mind’s thoughts so you have the ability to grow further. You are trapped in your minds right now and you do not know it. This already defines insanity. The “Heart Technique” will get your mind to a stiller place. Practice the first segment (the meditation) of the “Heart Technique” longer. Do the meditation twice daily instead of once to make more progress with stilling your mind’s thoughts. Gradually increase your practice to a time you feel comfortable with. You will gain a momentum of mental peace that is needed to slow down your busy thinking more quickly.

Jesus (Mar 8, 2015)