Many of you are yearning for a place to call home; yearning to feel at home. You do not feel at home anywhere. You feel displaced. You do not feel like you fit into this world. A pain of sorrow develops that can turn into bitterness and resentment. This happens because you cannot get the fullness, the comfort, the sense of belonging your heart is seeking. It is the reuniting with its’ Maker that it is yearning for. But, you ignore its’ calling and continue to feel more unworthy of love as a result. This means you feel more and more undeserving of God’s love. Then a bitterness and resentment toward God specifically can develop.

This is when a phase of more loss and challenges enter your life. You do not consciously understand that you are turning away from the only thing that will fill you with the fullness you are seeking. So, a frustration enters your experience. It is a hurting heart from feeling unimportant to God. Bitterness, frustration and resentment grow and become more of who you are. It helps to cover up the fear that’s there.

This underlying feeling that each and every one of you will develop is a hurt that is not real, but feels real. This feeling is from the fear of not being good enough for God’s love. This occurs because you already feel separate from God. It is a distorted perception. It is not real or true. But, nonetheless, it feels real and true.

Every one of you will get to this point of dissatisfaction with God or “life”. This causes anger toward God or “life”. You also often blame it on a person or situation. It is all the same fear; fear that God does not love you. Life becomes increasingly painful now. You spontaneously attract more challenges. Your soul is creating bigger obstacles to get your attention to what you are missing – devotion to God. Devotion to God is lost. Your heart’s love wants itself back. But, you avoid looking to yourself for the answer to all of your problems. Dysfunction becomes rampant in every aspect of your life. Your soul is crying out for attention. It is saying, “look to Me, I am what you need”. Yet, you usually ignore that. You fear your own soul because it is unknowable to the mind. The need to be made willing is now needed. You will attract something to bring you to your knees; a place of surrendering your painful, fearful feelings.

Please understand that you could stop this entire process now, before getting to this level of despair and emptiness. Start living for Me instead of for yourself. It is so easy.

Jesus (Mar 8, 2015)