Some of you think you know Me because you are a Christian. I want to expand your thinking to being more in alignment with Mine. I was not a Christian. I was not a separate “anything”. Belief systems often create division, not unity. Honor Me and My teachings without separating yourselves from others. There are not even as few as two Christians who believe everything exactly the same. Remember that you unify with Me more when you make loving your priority rather than your beliefs. Also, remember that beliefs come from the mind and it is through the heart that you experience Me. Honor your beliefs and each others, but do not define yourselves from your beliefs. This will limit your connection to our Father. Put your attention on loving one another rather than judging if they are as worthy by their beliefs. Do not try to convert another’s beliefs to be more like yours. This keeps you stuck in separation. I did not care about people’s many beliefs. I cared about making them happy and whole again, uniting them with our Father’s love. I honored and accepted all equally. Please remember this.

Jesus (Mar 9, 2015)