Why not try to maximize your power now. With love in your heart, it is possible. I am referring to the power to create what your love wants. When your love is for another, there is no limitation in the power to manifest into a physical creation. If you can sit quietly and still your mind’s thoughts, your love can emerge with intention. You have no agenda and no specific cause but to increase the output of your loving energy. You leave it to God what to do with your love. You send others loving, caring energy and wishes. You simply feel love for them and send them your wish for their fulfillment. You wish for their happiness and peace. You can even see them with a happy heart. If you all did this for only a few minutes a day to someone other than yourself, there would be no more wars nor despair nor illness nor dysfunction. Why not try it? This love you send out will come back to you ten-fold.

Getting out of the ego’s habit of self-centered thinking is challenging without the conscious desire for it. It is a slow process. This slow process can be turned around to a short time with intention. You can claim your life back instead of living in an unconscious pattern of thought and behavior. You only need to have the desire.

Jesus (Mar 7, 2015)