When you become more deeply established in enlightenment, which means the awakening of your soul’s love, your soul’s loving nature, you start feeling a strong desire to change the world. Instead of trying to help a few people at a time, you begin to think of the whole world, including the earth. You want to promote miraculous shifts to the world’s consciousness. You have incredible support from God to accomplish this – all from your own love. You become a very powerful presence on earth. I’d like to talk more about this – your power and precisely what that means. There is a force, an energy, with the power of God; with the power of the love you are spreading out from within your body.

It is a magnificent power. It is an intelligent power. It is a power that cannot be described in any language for this is truly indescribable. But, it is a power, a force and an intelligence that is masterfully creative and all-knowing. It creates constantly. It creates from what it is given. The more energy it is given, the more powerful its ability to create. Your consciousness, that is your awareness which includes your desires and intentions, intertwines with this power and your desires and intentions become extremely powerful. The world moves for your desires and intentions and it does so automatically. You do not do it; the power does it. Your desire is what guides it. The more your desires are in alignment with this power, the more the desires are supported. As you begin to learn your relationship with this power, it continues to increase.

It never stops increasing. There is a feeling that accompanies this power. It is the most divine feeling imaginable; pure love, pure peace, pure stillness, pure unity consciousness. This is home. This is our home; the only home in all of existence.

There are also special abilities that accompanies one when their inner power comes to a certain point of fullness. Many humans do not know of these abilities. I’d like to talk more about these abilities that develop spontaneously when one’s power becomes magnified. These abilities are going to start developing quickly when there is much less collective fear energy on the planet; some you may have heard about and some you have not.

It is true that you have all the abilities within you that I do. They are presently dormant. There is not enough power flowing through your consciousness. In time, when there is more, you will develop powers; the power to create like never before. You will heal the earth from your damage. You will do it adeptly. The love in your hearts will surge with a power due to the decrease of planetary fear energy. You will be able to spend a few moments or less sending a section of the earth love, and it will come to life extremely quickly.

I am telling you this because there will be a time when you will not feel your power. You will not know what you have available. It is My healing power I am talking about. I will bring life to the deadened earth through your hearts. You will all grow quickly and create a new earth.

Jesus (Mar 6, 2015)