Let’s now begin developing your soul directly. The “Heart Technique” is a practice that taps into your soul directly. It awakens your soul intentionally. There is a sequence of silent actions done during this time of practice. It is a perfect sequence of steps which enhance each other. First, still the mind, then feel your soul, then self-forgiveness comes into it; then, an intentional creation. Lastly, there is gratitude for life. It is a simple, yet powerful spiritual practice for thirty-five minutes daily.

This will be a big commitment for some; perhaps even daunting. Thirty-five minutes a day doing “nothing” may seem impractical. But, know this: you need to give your soul some time to allow it to take over your life. Your soul can and will create your needs for you. And, will do so much better than your mind’s ego if you let it. The transformation that awaits you can only be given from your soul. It is much more than you know.

If you want Me, and freedom from limitations, and unification with our Creator, you must grow your soul.

Jesus (Mar 4, 2015)

(To learn more about the “Heart Technique” visit: www.HeartTechnique.com)