I am going to give a practical message today; how to schedule a little time for your soul today. If you seem stuck in your busy day without Me, baby steps are needed. Do not judge yourself for this. The whole world is caught up in busyness. A powerful momentum from the collective makes it seem challenging to change it.

I will say this – you only need to change your priorities to make it simple and easy. But let’s begin with a couple baby steps for those that need it. How about starting with two things first; an hour a week to bring more happiness to someone and three 5 minute increments each day just for Me. Choose a person or animal or the earth. Get an hour scheduled next week for him/her/it. Give him/her/it an hour of your time in love and care. Make this a habit.

Morning, afternoon and night, spend five minutes with Me talking silently. Connect with Me intentionally. Tell me how you are feeling and what you need help with today. Tell me what you are grateful for. End this time saying My prayer (#27) to our Father. This will be a good start for now.

Let’s reiterate to keep it clear and simple:

  1. Donate 1 hour of your time each week to bring increased happiness to someone, or an animal, or your planet earth.
  2. Silently connect with Me for 5 minutes, three times each day [morning, afternoon, evening]. Tell Me how you are feeling, what you need help with and what you are grateful for.
  3. End each of these 3 sessions by saying My prayer [#27] to our Father:


A prayer from Jesus: I am here to ask You, my Creator for a deeper and stronger connection to the Love that You are. I am ready to add more of Your awareness into my conscious awareness. I feel incomplete without You. I feel an emptiness without You. I feel fear without You. My world is a limited world without awareness of You. The less love in my heart, the less aware I am of You. Living life without full awareness of You brings painful experiences. The pain is there to get my attention and let me know something is missing and incomplete. I have lost the understanding of why we experience pain. The entire world has forgotten this. 

I want You back in my conscious awareness and direct experience in life. Nothing can fulfill me as You can. I want You back. Please show me how I can live a life more in accordance with unifying as one heart, one mind and one soul again. I am lost without You Father. I love You and want to grow closer to You.

Jesus (Mar 5, 2015)